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UPDATED 02/16/2001 (8:45PM CST)
What's NEW!!!!
2/15: Added 2001 FE #12 Maelstrom & Anime series #1 & #3.
2/6: Added the last 6 of the 2001 Final Runs.
1/24: Added a pic of 2001 FE #13 Lotus M250.
1/23: Added a pic of 2001 FE #11 Dodge Viper GTS-R.
01/21(B): Added pics of Rat Rods #2 '33 Ford Roadster, 2001 FE #8 & #27.
01/21(A): Added a list of the 2001 Editor's Choice. Also added pics of the 2001 TH #4 Rodger Dodger, Rat Rods #3 Phaeton & #4 Shoe Box.
01/20: Added pics of 2001 FE's Krazy 8s & Shredster. Also added pics of Turbo Taxi #4 '70 Chevelle SS& Rat Rods #1 Track T. The 2001 TH #4 Rodger Dodger is out and hope to have a pic of it soon. Also the Mistakes & Goof Ups is back with 3 new errors.
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